What's New and Hot
Master Toy: The recent Disney film "Frozen" is, oddly enough, one of the hottest children's movies to be produced in a long time. Kids are seeing it over and over and the merchandise related to the movie is selling like crazy. Master Toys has a wonderful selection of items priced from as little as $1.25. This naturally means there is something available for everyone. From pens to puzzles to watches to that little girls' love, the tiara, sales have been brisk. Come fall there will be lots of little girls going back to school proudly carrying their "Frozen" lunch boxes and even earrings made of stickers!
Spiral Light: The Unique burn of the Spiral Light Candle is two candles in one, when it burns spiraling on the outside it melts to the inside to form the second candle. Then light the second candle for many hours of enjoyment.
Novelty Inc.  Our Sugar Skull theme is HOT! We have printed this top selling design on some of our best selling tech and hydration items and put them all together on an eye-catching floor display sure to produce at retail! This on trend floor display is loaded with opportunities to meet multiple buyers needs.
Swan Creek Candle: Description of product or story about product (564 characters Max)Drizzle Melts are a bar of 100% Natural Wax, divided into six cubes for individual usage. They are available in a variety of fragrances (54 to be exact) and are used with a simple melter. Just place a cube in the melter and it will entice your sense of smell as well as your sense of value with their great price point. No open flames to worry about, no messy wax and no last minute search for a match. It just doesn't get any easier!
PBC International: What Does The FOX Say is the latest addition to the musical line of plush from P.B.C. He'll have your tapping your feet, perhaps even dancing alone, with the rhythm from the Ylvis' original version. He'll change the whole tune of a party and have you off your Smart Phone and on your feet. Fun for all ages, he's not just for YouTube anymore!